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My Story

My name is Kamila. I was born in Poland, now I live in the United States (NJ).

In my early twenties I recall episodes of breath shortage that made me feel like I was going to pass out. Tons of doctors and tests with the final diagnosis - “it’s just stress”.

While this was relieving, the problem was that nobody told me what to do, except handing in a prescription for a calming medication, which in turn was making me feel tired and lousy.

Fast forward 15 years, after my father’s passing and having to deal with a broken marriage while raising a small human, the symptoms returned with a triple force...

The panic attacks happened almost daily, the feeling of anxiety persisted 24/7. I started psychotherapy, but having the consultation once a week, I needed something that could help me cope with the symptoms on a daily basis.

That’s when I discovered the breathwork!

The breathing exercises allowed me to fall asleep and the concentration on my breath throughout the day took the attention away from the psychosomatic symptoms and allowed my body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and finally relax.

I decided to become a breath coach because based on my own experience, I can be the best testimony, that there is a way, most importantly a natural way, to find a better state of health.



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Why mouth breathing is bad for you?

  • activates the sympatethic nervous system and fight or flight response = stress
  • makes you breathe faster = stress
  • reduces blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain = stress and anxiety
  • causes orthodontic and teeth issues
  • air does not get filtrated, moisturized and warmed up = respiratory conditions
  • let’s be honest, nobody looks “too smart” with the mounth wide open...

Why is breathing through the nose the way to go?

  • activates the para-sympatethic nervous system and rest and digest response = relaxation
  • makes you breathe slower = relaxation
  • improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain = focus and concentration
  • promotes correct teeth alignment
  • air gets filtrated, moisturized and warmed up = less respiratory conditions (thanks to the nitric oxide)
  • increses oxygenation at cellular level = improved energy and metabolism
  • engages the diaphragm = better digestion
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anxiety or stress

Stress Management, Anxiety, Panic Disorder

Breathwork will be designed to calm the nervous system. You will learn methods that can be used in any stressful situation or to stop the panic attack.

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Asthma, Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea

By changing the dysfunctional breathing patterns, you can reduce the symptoms and greatly improve the quality of your life.

personal workout plan

Sports Performance for Athletes and Sport Enthusiasts

You will gradually learn to breathe through your nose while training or competing. Your performance will improve due to better cell oxygenation.

For best results, 5 sessions are recommended for adults, teenagers, and kids, two sessions on week 1 and then one session on each week.

Depending on your needs and health condition, I will be teaching you The Buteyko Method or The Oxygen Advantage Method to bring the best results. These methods have been proved effective and have helped over 100,000 patients in clinical trials.


5 x 60min 1-on-1 sessions - $399

Please email me to book your fist session

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Buteyko Method

The Buteyko Breathing Method is a type of breathing retraining that helps people who are experiencing asthma, allergies, other respiratory problems, mouth breathing, stress, anxiety, disrupted sleep, dysfunctional breathing patterns and more.

Oxygen Advantage

Oxygen Advantage® (OA) features breathing techniques aimed at healthy people. The method is designed to improve mental and physical performance and boost recovery. It is popular amongst athletes, both recreational and professional.

WORKSHOPS AND Group training offer

for studios, gyms, schools and corporate


This workshop is designed for those who want to learn how to cope with stress and emotions using their own breath. Stress is generally detrimental for our health, however, short and controlled exposure to it makes us more resilient when the real-life stressors show up. During this workshop you will learn how the biochemical aspects of breath affect the way you feel, how to apply breathing exercises so you feel and sleep better. After this workshop, you will be able to easier recognize if your body is in the sympathetic or parasympathetic state and how you can navigate between the two in order to better serve your current needs.


The goal of this workshop is to maximize your performance and optimize your breathing for your needs, based on the sports category that you’re training. You will learn the breathing exercises which you can incorporate into your training routine. If you’re competing, you will learn different techniques to manage your focus and stress prior to and during the event. The improved breathing pattern enhance the oxygen delivery and utilization in the body which improves the performance and recovery. What you’ll learn, will be your lifetime advantage over your opponents.

The workshop is designed for professionals and sport enthusiasts.


This workshop will help you improved your breathing patterns and oxygen delivery to tissues and organs. Its main focus is to re-educate your body on how to breathe correctly by improving the functional breathing patterns. During this workshop you will learn how to recognize the difference between normal, instinctive breathing that we use every day and correct breathing, which is in line with the principles of physiology and adapted to the conditions of our health. Changing the incorrect and common breathing, which is a direct cause of many diseases (asthma, sleep apnea, COPD) to breathing that, through controlled and reduced ventilation, allows for significant changes in tissues oxygenation and increased vitality, can be achieved after just a few hours of training.

For all workshops, courses and group classes

please contact me by email:

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